About Royal Protocal

About Royal Protocal

Royal Protocal is an original, DeFi gaming currency token with an intuitive interface that can be used for safe, reliable, and secure transactions by anyone, anywhere.

Royal Protocol is Easy to Use

Our project connects holders by using world-class features on a secure Blockchain network; this empowers investors to easily swap tokens on our platform to play games and place bets using $ROY.

Bringing Blockchain into Everyday Life

Using blockchain technology, we are releasing a Dapp which simplifies the transactions. Confusing, multi-step processes to send and receive funds are a thing of the past with Royal Protocal.

Open Source Development & Community Run

Royal Protocal is proudly 100% open source. This means that our project will always offer full visibility, security, and adaptability to our community. Every member of our team is a volunteer. These are people who have dedicated their time and energy to ensure our project is a success.

Solutions for Everyday Use

Blockchain technology offers unparalleled security to your transactions. This means you can have peace of mind knowing your tokens are safe with us. By powering our exchange platform with intuitive and easy-to-use software, we are making crypto payments effortless and convenient.

An Online Gaming and Casino Currency

The Royal Protocal gives you convenient access to a real, digital casino anywhere you can connect to the internet. Our platform offers a variety of games, for casual players and seasoned high rollers alike. Accessing your funds has never been easier. With the click of a button, you can connect your MetaMask wallet directly to our multi-use platform and your crypto will be instantly available. All that’s left is to select your token and play.

Mass Adoption

We want $ROY to be the most popular token of its kind. The BSC network means low fees, lightning-fast swaps, high circulation volume, and multi platform-support. Furthermore, trackable transactions unfolding in real time gives you more control over your investments than ever. These fundamentals mean $ROY is not only easy to use, it’s widely accessible and easy to acquire.


Our highest priority is your privacy, so when we began building a platform that enables everyday users to process transactions quickly and efficiently, we made sure to do so with the utmost care. Blockchain technology fundamentally safeguards information, which gives us the tools to confidently protect our investors. Regardless of how you use Royal Protocal, you can trust that we know how to keep you safe.

100% Community Driven

The Royal Protocal team is made up of a coalition of volunteers from every corner of the globe. The modern world has allowed us to bring talent together and focus its limitless potential on creating a platform which will surpass all expectations. We created our project from the foundation of our guiding principles, such as transparency, trustworthiness, compassion, and a diligent work ethic. With this, success is not only possible, it’s guaranteed.